“Machines will be smarter than us only if we insist on being more stupid than them and we stop thinking”. Slava Mukhanov.

Cookies and privacy policy

In this section we offer an explanation of the use of cookies and privacy policy in this website.

With the aim of getting some information about the visits to this website we have implemented a mechanism based on javascript to carry out the web analytic with the Free Software Piwik.

Piwik supports different settings to carry out the tracking that allow us to obtain the data for the web analytic. Data obtained through the own cookies generated by Piwik are completely anonymous (the IP of the visitor is save in a non complete way), and include basically IP (not complete), approximate location, duration of the visit, navigator used, etc.

Because in this website we uphold privacy as fundamental right we have configured Piwik to be respectful with the “Request that sites do not track you” feature of any navigator. Si your navigator has that option enabled your visit is not being tracked. If you want to change that configuration in your navigator, in the case of Firefox you have to go to the menu:

If you use another navigator you should look for the privacy options in the configuration menu.

Nevertheless, in the frame which is at the end of the text you can see if you are being tracked and change at your preference (if you delete the configuration of your navigator, cleaning the history for instance, you should do this step again).

All collected data is aim to know the incidence of this website on the Internet, and they will not be shared with third parties in any case with the exception of mandatory legal requirements (for example, a court injunction).

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